Shareholders and Investors

Economic and Financial Information

Economic and Financial Information

Income Statement

INCOME STATEMENT DATA (IN MILLION €)2.0162.0172.0182.0192.020
Total revenues 971019497104
Sale of buildings for rental --2-
Real Estate Developments 1922131121
Sale of Land 1...1
Services/ Other Revenues 23343
Gross Operating Profit (EBIDTA) 4245455052
Earnings before taxes 1465573818
Attributable Net Income 1163140452

Balance Sheet


Tangible fixed assets 22Equity attributable 11
Real estate investments 11Minorities238243
Inventory339343Debts with credit institutions 238243
Debtors and accounts payable 1716Creditors and accounts receivable 3635
Cash and cash equivalents 7576Other liabilities 207209
Other assets 197199
Total Assets 22Total Liabilities 22

Asset Valuation

Asset Valuation 2020

ASSET VALUATION (IN MILLIONS OF €)2.0162.0172.0182.0192.020
GAV asset market value22222
Real estate promotion364343365394388
Rehabilitation + tertiary soil5256596360
Other assets8730303145
Land under development...2611
Residential land reserve287282297285280
Ongoing promotions and others.5247564
Net Asset Value (NNAV) (million €) (1) 8058331.0221.0641.059

(1) Net asset value of the company at market value after taxes over capital gains and transfer costs calculated by CB Richard Ellis S.A. (Rental Assets) and Tinsa (Residential Assets).

Net Asset Value (NNAV) (€ per share) (1) 1,251,291,251,301,31

Activities Data

Others123,216123,711 123,602 123,744 123,767
DEGREE OF OCCUPANCY (%) 20162017201820192020
Total94% 96% 92% 94% 93%
Madrid96% 97% 92% 94% 94%
Catalonia95% 98% 98% 98% 90%
Others90% 89%89%92% 90%
HOUSING UNITS DELIVERED 2.0162.0172.0182.0192.020
Revenues (thousand €) 1922141121

Information for Other Bodies

So far, Realia does not have any information for other regulatory bodies.


No reports from credit rating companies have been requested.

Average Payment Period to Suppliers

Information on deferred payments to suppliers. Third additional provision. “Duty of information” of Law 15/2010, of July 5.

The information required by the third additional provision of Law 15/2010, of July 5 (modified through the second final provision of Law 31/2014, of December 3) prepared in accordance with the ICAC Resolution is detailed below. of January 29, 2016, on the information to be included in the annual accounts report in relation to the average payment period to suppliers in commercial operations.

Grupo Consolidado

2020 / DAYS 2019 / DAYS
Average payment period to suppliers6755
Ratio of paid operations7161
Ratio of operations pending payment3430
Thousands of eurosThousands of euros
Total payments made58.70367.575
Total pending payments9.02914.215

Realia Business, S.A.

2020 / DAYS 2019 / DAYS
Average payment period to suppliers7461
Average payment period to suppliers8074
Ratio of operations pending payment3932
Thousands of eurosThousands of euros
Ratio of operations pending payment32.80916.062
Total pending payments5.7186.820

In accordance with the ICAC Resolution, to calculate the average payment period to suppliers, the commercial operations corresponding to the delivery of goods or services accrued since the date of entry into force of Law 31/2014 have been taken into account. December 3rd.

Suppliers, for the exclusive purposes of providing the information provided for in this Resolution, are considered to be commercial creditors for debts with suppliers of goods or services, included in the items “suppliers” and “Creditors” of the current liabilities of the balance sheet.

“Average payment period to suppliers” is understood to be the period that elapses from the delivery of the goods or the provision of the services by the supplier and the material payment for the operation.

The ratio of paid operations is calculated as the quotient formed in the numerator by the sum of the products corresponding to the amounts paid, by the number of days of payment (difference between the calendar days elapsed from the date on which the calculation of the term until the material payment of the operation) and, in the denominator, the total amount of payments made.

Likewise, the ratio of operations pending payment corresponds to the quotient formulated in the numerator by the sum of the products corresponding to the amounts pending payment, by the number of days pending payment (difference between the calendar days elapsed from the date on which that the calculation of the period begins until the last day of the period to which the annual accounts refer) and, in the denominator, the total amount of pending payments.

The maximum legal payment period applicable to the Company in fiscal year 2020 according to Law 3/2004, of December 29, which establishes measures to combat late payment in commercial operations and in accordance with the transitional provisions established in the Law 15/2010, of July 5, is 60 days, upon compliance with the conditions established in Law 11/2013 of July 26, and with payment date to suppliers on the 15th or later business day of each month.


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