Ethics channel


REALIA provides its stakeholders with a confidential channel to report potential breaches of its Code of Ethics and Conduct or its Criminal Prevention Model, within the scope of the EU Directive 2019/1937 on whistleblower protection and the respective national laws that implement it.

Communications, whether nominal or anonymous, will be treated with due confidentiality and diligence, without fear of any form of reprisal, and in accordance with the processing of personal data as per current legislation.

Communications will be analyzed and, if necessary, processed in accordance with the Compliance Model of the Group. The Model includes a normative block consisting of policies and procedures that establish expected behaviors and actions, as well as protocols for managing the Ethics Channel and conducting relevant investigations.


You have the following ways to report any possible breach of the Code of Ethics and Conduct or the regulations that develop it:

  • Electronic form available on the corporate intranet (access limited to REALIA staff).
  • By email to the address:
  • Through a face-to-face meeting, upon request by the informant, at the aforementioned email address.


Informant's details: name and surname (it is recommended to make the report nominally, although anonymous communications are accepted), contact phone, email address, and preferred contact time.

Category of the report or inquiry: it should be indicated whether the communication pertains to workplace harassment, sexual or gender-based harassment, money laundering, corruption, conflict of interest, competition defense, environmental safety, or any other matter contrary to REALIA's Code of Ethics and Conduct and/or the Group's Compliance Model.

Communication of the alleged irregularity or breach: relevant information should be provided with a description and details of specific events, indicating where they occurred, dates, and the people involved. It is recommended to attach supplementary files and/or documents.