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Client satisfaction has been our aim since we began building authentic homes in 2000 and it remains our greatest motivation to continue progressing and working to offer a comprehensive, high-quality service.

Since then, our social goal has been to promote, manage and exploit all kinds of real estate and we structure our activity in two distinct areas: property, developing and renting office buildings and shopping centres and providing property management services for third parties; and development, undertaking home development projects and urban management using our land portfolio and providing development management services for third parties.

Our mission

The goal of our strong and cohesive professional team, which has worked for many years in all areas of the production chain, is to make our clients feel ‘at home’.

We are also fully committed to innovation, sustainability and social responsibility, all of which are essential to building homes in a manner that is respectful of society and the environment.

The trust of our clients and the involvement and support of our highly solvent and prestigious main shareholders, Grupo FCC and Grupo CEC, have equipped us well to confront the current challenges of the real estate market with optimism.

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Our cornerstones



If there is a word that defines us as a company, it is experience, since the professionals who make up our team have worked in the sector for many years and provide solid knowledge in all phases of the development process.



It is essential to feel confident and secure when making an investment. Along these lines, Realia provides both professional and financial solvency and the approval of its two majority shareholders, Grupo FCC and Grupo CEC.



Only dynamic and flexible companies can offer you what you expect as a client. Our desire to improve is the perfect engine to successfully tackle each of our projects, offering you well-maintained and energetically sustainable properties.



We understand that the economy is cyclical, so what drives us is not so much the company’s “continuous growth” as the satisfaction of our clients.

How we do it

Corporate structure Corporate structure
Organizational chart Organizational chart

Our team

Ana Hernández Gómez

Directora de Negocio

Filomeno Ortiz Aspe

Director de Administración y Finanzas

José Mª Richi Alberti

Director Asesoría Jurídica

Almudena Moreno Herrero

Subdirectora Asesoría Jurídica

Ignacio Fernández Rodríguez

Director de Patrimonio

Arturo Villar Sourroulle

Director de Centros Comerciales

Antonio Pulido Vico

Director Departamento de Proyectos

José M. de Álvaro García

Director Delegación Centro

Miguel Ángel Sánchez Fresco

Director Departamento Comercial

Antonio Núñez Barbero

Director Departamento Técnico

Francisco Rodríguez Arellano

Director Delegación de Levante

Alberto Carrión García

Director Delegación Andalucía

Jesús de Barrio Martín

Director Técnico de Patrimonio (Mantenimiento)

José R. Alonso Hernández

Director Técnico de Patrimonio (Inversiones)

Elizabeth Mata Sanjurjo

Responsable de Sostenibilidad

Daniel González Sánchez

Director de Administración de Patrimonio

Fermín Ibáñez Moreno

Subdirector Departamento de Finanzas

Ismael Sánchez Fernández

Subdirector de Control Económico y Presupuestario

Antonio Román Calleja

Jefe Departamento de Auditoría Interna

Javier López Alija

Subdirector Departamento de Administración

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Realia is expanding its commitment to the environment and fighting against climate change


What we do

What do we do

What we do

Housing development

Our commitment is your home, and that's why our team works enthusiastically to help you find a place to make your dreams come true. We focus our efforts on providing you with a home that best suits you and your needs. We have a wide range of properties in the main Spanish cities, all designed to become a place to enjoy and start a new life.

What we do

Real Estate Business

In Realia, we focus our efforts on providing you with a home that best suits you and your needs. We have a wide range of properties in the main Spanish cities, all designed to become a place where you can enjoy and start a new life. We strive to offer you the best locations and services, allowing you to achieve maximum performance in your endeavors.

What we do

Land management

We have a wide variety of plots and land for sale, excellent assets for a good future investment.

What we do

Provision of services to third parties

Such as marketing promotions, asset management, and legally and financially corporate management.

We want you to always feel at home