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    The REALIA Group was established in 2000, as a result of the integration of Property, the real estate activities and the professional team of FCC and Bankia, which started its presence in the sector in the 80’s.

  • Meet REALIA

    After the latest shareholding changes, the main stockholders of REALIA are FCC and Inversora Carso, two holdings of great solvency and prestige, which guarantee its success in meeting new market challenges.

  • Meet REALIA

    Since its establishment, REALIA has as its purpose the promotion, management and operation of all kinds of real estate assets. Its areas of activity include Property, through the development and lease of its own Offices and Shopping Centers, the Development of housing and Land management.

Shareholders and investors

Investor’s calendar

Dates and information of interest: Call for shareholders’ meetings, payment of dividends, publication of results and other relevant events.

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General Information

Know our company, the companies in which it has a stake, its treasure stock and the evolution of its Share Capital.

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Economic-Financial Information:

Our main financial figures,quarterly and annual reports,ratings and other relevant data.

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Corporate Governance

Governance Bodies:

Meet the Board of Directors and the members of REALIA’s Committees.

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General Shareholders’ Meeting:

Information on calls, certificates, reports and results, voting methods and access to the forum.

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Social Regulations:

Download the regulations of the Shareholders’ Meeting, the Board, the By-Laws and other related documents.

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Annual Corporate Governance Reports:

Access the Annual Report archive from 2008 until today.

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